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Prestashop connection to Flowpay

Steps to connect your Prestashop account with Flowpay

1. Enable PrestaShop's web service

2. How to create API key

3. How to connect your Prestashop account with Flowpay 


Step 1 Enable PrestaShop's web service

Before you begin, you must enable PrestaShop's web service
Before you can create a connection access for your store, you need to enable this possibilty in your admin panel. You need to be the store owner or a staff member with the Enable app development permission to enable PrestaShop's webservice.

3. Enable PrestaShop's webservice by checkbox

01_advance parameters.png
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Step 2 How to create API key

In order to have access to the API you need to create an access key (API KEY), this will allow us to access the data from your shop. You will use this API key later in myFlowpay integration. 

From your Prestashop admin, click Advanced parameters and webservice  from the previous step

1. ​Click Add new webservice key

04_add new webservice key.png
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05_set webservice API acess.png
Untitled_Artwork 2_edited.png

2. Click Generate

Untitled_Artwork 2_edited.png

3. Set the Permission 

You can click on the item View (GET) and give us permission to read all data or you can select only listed below as View. If you select all, we will read only the data described below.

Requested data in view mode:

  • currencies

  • order_carriers

  • order_cart_rules

  • order_details

  • order_histories

  • order_invoices

  • order_payments

  • order_slip

  • order_states

  • orders

  • product_customization_fields

  • product_feature_values

  • product_features

  • product_option_values

  • product_options

  • product_suppliers

  • products

  • shop_groups

  • shop_urls

  • shops

  • stock_availables

  • stock_movement_reasons

  • stock_movements

  • stocks

  • stores


4. Click Save

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06_check enabled key (1).png
Untitled_Artwork 2_edited.png

Step 3 connect your Prestashop account with Flowpay 

For successful connection with Flowpay you need to have prepared API key created in the previous step.

Shopify connection.jpg

1. Login to MyFlowpay – 

1. Login to MyFlowpay

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