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Restoring the view of bank account

Connecting to a preview of your bank account allows us to provide loans online and quickly. The account preview provides us with only minimal data about the income and expenses in your account. The connection is always active for 180 days and then you need to renew the connection. Each user commits to this step when signing a financing agreement.

How do I restore the view of my bank account?

Step 1 Click on the settings button in the integration tab of the bank connection


Step 2 To restore an invalid connection,
click the
+ button

Frame 10.png

Step 3 Then just follow your bank's instructions.


frequently asked questions and problems related to connection

What should I do if I no longer use the same account?

Click on the NEW CONNECTION button and connect another account

Frame 10.png

What to do if reconnection doesn't work?

Email and attach a screenshot
of the problem.

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