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Google Analytics connection to Flowpay

Steps to connect your Google Analytics with Flowpay

1. Enabled E-commerce measurements

2. Connect your app in myFlowpay


Step 1 Enable E-commerce measurements

For a successful connection with Flowpay, you need to have enabled E-commerce measurements.  
Without this E-commerce data isn't possible to provide financing.
If you do not have E-commerce data in your google analytics account enabled please do not connect to Google Analytics
and contact us (

For a successful connection, you need the credential you use for logging in to your Google Analytics account.
The user who connects the account should have Admin rights to the account.

Google supports two versions of Google Analytics account:
   - Google Analytics universal  - old version of the tool
   - Google Analytics 4 (GA4) – a new version of the tool
If you are still using Google analytics universal connect only Google analytics universal
If you converted to GA4 it is necessary to connect both accounts:
    - Google Analytics Universal
    - Google Analytics (GA4)

How to set up ecommerce data for your Google Analytics? You can find HERE

Step 2 Connect myFlowpay

How to connect your Shopify account with Flowpay
For successful connection with Flowpay you need to have prepared access token from the created application,
url address of your shop and done registration to myFlowpay.

3. Select partner –  Google analytics universal or Google Analytics (GA4)

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